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Phim Đám Cưới Hoàn Hảo - Perfect Wedding (2010)

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Lok Yan (Miriam Yeung) was ditched by her fiancé on their wedding day. Thereafter she started to work her way up to become a wedding planner, gaining fame planning wedding for many acclaimed celebrities. One night, in a bar, she meets a young attorney, Fung (Raymond Lam), and they spend a passionate night together in a hotel – with no plans to never meet again. Fate brings them together again at a wedding. Their one night stand now becomes a debt dispute since Fung’s boss owes Yan’s company fees for 30 weddings. When Fung’s boss runs away, Fung is left to clear the debt and so he starts working for Yan.

While working together to organize successful weddings, they face and overcome many challenges and begin to feel affection for each other. But love is never simple – especially for Yan whose four close girlfriends do not approve of her relationship with Fung because they think he is too young for her. Yan further complicates the situation by keeping Fung at a distance because of the painful memories of her failed relationships.

Fung disapproves of portraying a wedding as a show and after a big fight with Yan he almost quits the company – but Yan sees his point of view and they reach a compromise. Together they organize a touching wedding which marks the start of a new relationship between them. They spend a wonderful night together at Yan’s place and decide to start a romantic relationship secretly.

Just as Yan’s painful memories of previous failed relationships begins to fade, her ex-boyfriend, Joe (Eric Kot), turns up again. Joe is about to get married but realizes he still misses Yan and tries to win her back. Yan is confused and undecided and this destroys her relationship with Fung, even though she rejects Joe. Although Yan and Fung still love each other, they part and begin new separate relationships…

Thể loại Phim Hài Hước
Đạo diễn Chun-chun Wong
Thời lượng 99
Phát hành 2010
Quốc gia Trung Quốc
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