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Phim Cương Thi Vật Cương Thi - Encounters of the Spooky Kind 2 (1980)

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Bold Cheung is challenged to spend the night in an abandoned house by his friends where he must peel an apple in front of a mirror and, if he breaks the skin then something bad will supposedly happen. Upholding his mantle as the boldest he accepts the challenge. However, that night whilst peeling the apple his friends trick him causing him to break the skin and a ghost appears in the mirror. However, Cheung realizes the ghost as his friend. Whilst scolding his friend for the prank a real ghost appears in the mirror and snatches Cheung's friend away without him even realizing. The ghost reaches out for Cheung but he cuts its hand off, causing the house to collapse.

The next day Cheung overhears a story about a promiscuous wife; he goes to his home to check on his wife and finds two peeping toms outside his door. He scolds them both, causing his wife and employer, Master Tam, to hear from within his house. Tam escapes out the window but leaves his shoe which Cheung finds and confronts his wife with. His wife pulls a tantrum and makes Cheung feel guilty.

Master Tam is worried Cheung will find out about his affair with his wife so he hires a witch, Chin Hoi, to get rid of Cheung. When Chin mentions to his partner Priest Tsui the job they're doing for Tam, Tsui declines and storms out because they are healers not murderers. Cheung is tricked to spend the night in a temple by somebody paid by Tam, whilst on the way there Cheung encounters Tsui who tells him that he must sleep on the roof during the night. Cheung does so and at night, a coffin in the temple opens and a zombie comes out and begins looking for him but as he is on the roof he is safe. Chin gives up when he cannot find Cheung (he is controlling the zombie) just as Cheung falls down to the floor. Chin tries again and the zombie looks for Cheung again, however, Cheung evades it and hides under the coffin but is found by the zombie, the two fight each other and Cheung kicks the zombie back into the coffin and seals it with the lid.
The next day Cheung is tricked into spending another night in the temple. Again he meets Tsui who tells him this time he must collect fifty chicken eggs and when the coffin opens throw them into the coffin and also if he runs out of eggs to throw dog's blood over the zombie. However, the man who sells him the eggs puts in ten duck eggs because he did not have enough chicken eggs. That night Cheung throws in eggs when the coffin begins to open and it works, the coffin closes. However when he throws a duck egg inside, the zombie succeeds in coming out so Cheung throws the dog's blood onto it which sends Chin flying into Tam's roof severing his control of the zombie.
The next day, Cheung goes back to town to find his house bloodied, an Inspector appears and arrests him for murdering his wife even though it is a set up. Cheung is thrown in prison but escapes by pretending to be sick from the meal he is given in prison, he beats up the guards and runs into a forest where he trips over a coffin exposing the corpse within. As Cheung sleeps next to the corpse that night it comes to life and begins chasing him, whilst on the run from the corpse Cheung bumps into the Inspector and his men. The zombie collapses onto the Inspector giving Cheung time to escape them both.
Cheung travels to a different village and meets up with Tsui who wants to take Cheung on as his disciple. As they stop at a restaurant to eat, the Inspector shows up and sends his men after Cheung. Chin is also there and manipulates Cheung's right arm to beat up the people around him and himself however Tsui stops him in a sword fight and Chin escapes. To help Cheung, Chin uses his magic to manipulate the Inspector's men to fight the Inspector whilst he and Cheung escape. That night Chin sends a vampire after Tsui and Cheung but they defeat it. Tsui draws markings on Cheung's body to protect him from Chin's magic. They go to Tam's house to challenge Chin. Both sorcerers have tall altars built and use magic to instill spirits into their disciples. Cheung is possessed by the monkey god whilst Chin's apprentice is possessed by another god, the two possessed apprentices fight with Cheung winning. Chin then possesses Master Tam with the spirit of the sword god but Cheung defeats him, killing him. Then the two sorcerers unleash their magic on each other. Just as it looks like Chin will win Cheung cuts the legs off his altar which causes Chin to lose balance giving Tsui a chance to hit him with magical fire, Chin is set ablaze and falls off his altar to burn to death. However, Tsui is badly hurt by Chin's magic and he too falls off his altar dead. Cheung's wife steps forward in all the madness and tries to convince Cheung that Tam was about to rape her. However, Cheung is not deceived and he attacks her.

Thể loại Phim Kinh Dị - Ma
Đạo diễn Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
Thời lượng 87
Phát hành 1980
Quốc gia Trung Quốc
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