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Phim Battle Of Los Angeles (2011)

47,486 lượt xem

Chú ý: Bộ phim này là bộ phim ăn theo Battle: Los Angeles, bộ phim đang được công chiếu ngoài rạp !
OK let me admit I am often mildly entertained in that this movie is so bad kinda way when I watch the Syfy Satruday Movie Spectacular. Because they are such spectacularly badly made films and on the off occasion there is a good sometimes even great film hiding there,well not this time. I want my 45 minutes back thats how far I got before I just couldn't take it anymore a first for me. Normally I sit through the terrible movies while playing on my laptop. I couldn't do it and in fact had to go see the real Battle Los Angeles today due to feeling so grimy from the previous night. The story if you can call it that is a fusion of Skyline and Battle L.A. and several other films the acting is worse the horrible with a script so poorly written I can't believe anyone green lighted it. CGI is so bad yet had scope it just didn't have detail or quality had this movie been released ten years ago u might have thought how cool was that but now its like wth I seen better CGI in commercials, even some films from ten years ago look better than this omg its just that bad avoid at all costs.

Thể loại Phim Phiêu Lưu
Đạo diễn Mark Atkins
Thời lượng 91 phút
Phát hành 2011
Quốc gia Mỹ - Châu Âu

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